Brian Willke

Brian Willke

Sales Manager

Brian has been working for and with small businesses his entire career. After graduating with a Marketing degree from Xavier University, he spent nearly a decade in the beverage industry selling craft beer brands to bars and restaurants. Now he’s slinging digital marketing at The Gratzi!

Brian views his job as a true responsibility to the businesses he works with. He’s here to help you move up on Google and increase traffic to your website. Brian loves working with small business owners because of the variety of backgrounds they come from and different approaches they use. He knows that there aren’t always boiler-plate solutions to every challenge that small businesses face, so reach out to him if you have any questions about our services, he’d love to answer them for you!

A little more about Brian…

During his time as a beer salesman, Brian earned his Cicerone Certification, which is to beer what a Sommelier is to wine (sort of). So if you’re ever wondering what beer you should drink with your chicken caprese salad, Brian is your guy. 

In his free time, Brian can often be found on a golf course or on stage playing bass guitar with his local cover band.