3 Things That Every Kenosha Small Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Kenosha, WI

Digital marketing is essential in increasing sales and gaining new clients for your business. When it comes to a business’s presence online, a lot of important steps can go overlooked, such as making sure your website is properly optimized. Getting to the first page of Google requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics.

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SEO means that your website contains essential phrases that pertain to your business and services. One overlooked aspect, especially when it comes to location-based services, is to include where your business is located and what towns you extend your services to. Even if you are optimizing your brand and services to the fullest extent, as a Kenosha business, that’s not enough. Here are three tips every small business in Kenosha should know in order to take their digital marketing to the next level.

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SEO Tips for Small Business Owners in Kenosha

1. Optimize Website For Surrounding Towns

One way to improve your digital marketing for the Kenosha area is to target other surrounding towns. When you are a service-based business, it is essential to include your location, and while you may be targeting the town where your business is located (i.e. Kenosha), you are missing the opportunity to reach a broader audience if that is the only town you mention on your website.

Your website’s content should mention surrounding towns like Somers, Pleasant Prairie, Racine, Bristol, Salem, etc. To be as effective as possible in this, it may be in your best interest to have a page on your website for each of these towns. Any way that you can optimize your website for surrounding areas will push your digital marketing to the next level. How? By moving you up on Google and pushing for a first page rank!

2. Claim and UTILIZE Your Google My Business Account

Google My Business is a combination of a directory listing and a social media account. Many small businesses may not have heard of Google My Business, but using it improves your chances of appearing on the first page of Google. When you go to Google and search for a business, that little profile that appears on the right side of the screen is a My Business account! The account that your business has on Google needs to be claimed by you so that you can better control what appears there, update it as needed, and create posts.

There are two tasks essential to improving your digital marketing in Kenosha that you can complete on Google My Business once your account is claimed. One is that you can set a service area for your business to show that your services can be provided for the Kenosha-area.

The second is to create posts and topics that mention Kenosha and any other surrounding areas that you provide your services for.

3. Target Kenosha's Audience When Posting on Social Media

When posting to social media on behalf of your business, you want to target your posts toward a Kenosha-based audience. Whether it’s just a status, or you’re uploading photos or videos, make sure that your content appeals to people who live in the area. If your social media content doesn’t apply to those who live in Kenosha, or if it is too broad, then they are not likely to follow you or look into the services that you provide. This is especially important if your industry is service-based because those that use your business are likely to be local.

Are You Optimizing Your Kenosha Business to the Best of Your Abilities?

Keeping up with your business’s digital marketing can be time consuming and, at times, difficult. While it may not be easy, it’s definitely necessary. That’s why The Gratzi has Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management plans to help fellow small businesses grow.

Optimizing your business, both on its website and on social media platforms like Facebook and Google My Business, is an important set of skills to have. Optimizing for Kenosha, specifically, is the skill that will help your business succeed.

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