Keeping Your Content Evergreen

Evergreen Content & how it helps your website

Content is the most important part of an engaging and informational website. Not only does it tell your customers what your business is all about, but it also shows your personality and team dynamic. On the other hand, content can date your website and make your customers think you aren’t up to the times. This is where evergreen content comes to the rescue! Content that is evergreen keeps your website (and social media) looking and feeling fresh, no matter when your customers visit. But what is evergreen content? Are we talking about Christmas trees? Read on to learn more!

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What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers over a long period of time. “But isn’t all content on the internet evergreen? It’s not like my blog disappears after a week.” Well, this is just the problem with a lot of content on websites. After two or three years, not everything is going to be the same. Has your company grown? Do you offer new services? These are all things you have to consider when creating your content. Unless you want to update your website every week, you have to have some evergreen content!

Evergreen Content Examples:

– Tips
– How-tos
– Product Reviews
– FAQs
– Dates (“Since 1999” rather than “For 24 years”)

While these examples don’t automatically make your content evergreen, they have a much longer lifespan than other types of content that is on your website. There is also the bonus of having it boosts your SEO performance, but we’ll get to that later.

Creating Evergreen Content

So we’ve defined evergreen content, but how do you create it? The key thing to keep in mind is to be informative and valuable to your audience. Offer your unique knowledge, skills, and experience. The good news is that this type of content doesn’t have to be separated from your usual content. Incorporate these ideas into your blogs and about page. Is your content appealing and interesting to someone that isn’t even involved in your industry? Then you might have to tweak it! Evergreen content should be universally understandable. Avoid technical terms and cater to the layperson. It’s also important to show the voice of your company. There is a lot of content out there, make yours unique in your own way!

What isn’t Evergreen Content:

– News Articles
– Statistics and reports
– Pop culture-focused articles
– Current politics, fashion, and media
– Some specific company stats (number of employees/special offerings, etc.)

website design in kenosha, websites in kenosha, digital marketing in kenoshaHow Evergreen Content Helps Your Website

Evergreen content is not only appealing to your customers, but it can also give you an edge when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Having relevant and easy-to-digest information on your website makes it more likely to show up on Google. This is a great idea because you end up attracting new visitors. We have all been there before, you Google a question and end up finding the answer you need from a website you’ve never heard of before. As a business owner, that’s a potential lead! The easiest way to cater your content for SEO is to use relevant keywords for your industry. Any content you add to your website should relate back to your industry or products. This can be as simple as adding links within the text or creating a call to action button (“Call us to learn more!”). At the same time, you have to make sure that your content offers something valuable. You are the expert in your field, share your expertise!

Quick Evergreen Content Ideas

  • Top 10 Lists
  • How-to’s for beginners/pros
  • Resource Lists
  • History of a Topic or Product
  • “Best of” Lists
  • Reviews
  • Lists of Industry Definitions
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • “Did you know…?”

Now that you know a little more about evergreen content, go out there and create some! You’ll find that it’s actually fun to show off how your business stands out from the rest. If you need help creating evergreen content for your website or social media, we can help!