5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website

There are several ways for your business to have an online presence in 2022, especially with the prevalence of social media. However, if you’re wondering if your small business even needs a website, we’re here to tell you that nothing beats having your own website. According to Datareportal, 81% of people searched online for a product or service to buy. Still need convincing? That’s cool. Check out our top 5 reasons why your business needs a website. 

5 Reasons Why You Need SEO

  • You can’t control social media.
    Of course, you pick and choose what to post and how to present your business there. But you do not control if social media goes down. Remember the Facebook outage of 2021? Facebook and its subsidiaries, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Mapillary, and Oculus, became globally unavailable for six to seven hours. If your business is built on these apps and you relied on them consistently being active, there’s a good chance you lost out on business opportunities that day. When you have your own website, you own the domain and don’t need to rely on others to keep your online presence active.

  • You can build trust and credibility with a website.
    Having a website for your business lets people know that you are a legitimate company that people can trust. While having a presence on social media could help you interact with possible customers, having an actual website builds credibility for you and your business.

  • You can display your best reviews and testimonials.
    Don’t you just wish you can take your best customers around with you to appointments? You know, the ones who just love your work and tell everyone they know about your business? When you build a website, you can display their reviews front and center! Let your satisfied customers do the selling for you!

  • You can showcase your products and services.
    Users who find your website are likely searching for what you sell or something similar to what you sell. Capture their attention by showcasing your products and services and what you can do for them on your website. On your website, you are the expert and you get to present what you offer your customers!

  • You can encourage contact from potential customers.   
    When people find your website, they are already in the market for your product or service. Throughout your website, you can provide opportunities for potential customers to contact you via phone, email, or informational forms. Thanks to your website, the leads will come directly to you!

In a world that relies so heavily on the internet, an online presence is essential for your business, regardless of the industry, product, or service! Don’t leave it up to chance, let The Gratzi build you a professional website to take make sure you take complete advantage of all the opportunities the “net” has to offer

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