AI & SEO: What Do You Need to Know For Your Business’s Website

AI & SEO: What Do You Need to Know For Your Business’s Website

Artificial Intelligence has swept the world with its easy ability to write just about anything it is that you need. Which might lead you to believe you can have it to just about anything for you. Such as creating content for your website.

And with how easy it is, you’ll save a ton of time too! But what actually happens when you let AI handle your SEO? In this blog, we’ll go over a couple of ways AI has positively impacted Search Engine Optimization, and a couple of things you should avoid using AI for.

Ask AI

Don't Demand It

At first glance, artificial intelligence might seem like something that you can, and should, use to write content for blogs or landing pages. But the reality is Google and other search engines have the ability to sniff out if you’re using AI-written content.

Not so much in the sense of knowing it was written by AI, but Google uses very sophisticated algorithms to analyze duplicated content and can recognize when something has been copied and pasted from somewhere. can i use ai for seo, ai and seo, using ai on my websiteGoogle even has guidelines about AI-generated content. They state that using any type of automation or artificial intelligence with the intent to influence your rankings in search results violates their spam policies

If you were to use AI to write content for you, Google may flag your content as duplicated from another website, and that can have a huge negative impact on your Google rankings.

Users Still Come First

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that even if you’ve done everything the proper way and had an AI program write you content that Google approves, at the end of the day what Google will look at is how your user experience is going. AI is great at writing generated content that they’ve sifted the internet for, but if users aren’t reading all of that information or finding it useful, then what good is it doing anyways?

artificial intelligence and seo, using ai to increase seo, the problem with seo and aiYour user experience is just as important as how relevant your content is. People don’t want to read 2,000 words of robot generated content, even if it is exactly what they’re looking for. Often times AI-generated content is missing the emotional connection that users desire, which can result in lower engagements and conversions for your website.

The Benefits of AI & SEO

Now we aren’t saying to never use AI when it comes to your search engine optimization. There are certainly benefits to having a tool that can generate an answer for just about anything you ask it. But it needs to be used strategically, and you still need to keep the human side of things as your foremost importance.

When it comes to using AI in a proper way, think of it like using Google for instance. When you ask a question on Google for research, you digest and break down the information you’ve seen and then spit it out in your own words. Using artificial intelligence as a source of help instead of an all-in-one SEO’ing machine is the best way to do it.

If you’re writing content about something and you find yourself lost, AI is the perfect tool to give you a jumping-off point for what it is you want to talk about next. There’s a difference between asking AI “Write me a blog about dogs” and asking it “What are some good topics to write a blog about dogs”. To put it in simpler terms, demanding AI to complete an entire task for you is likely to cause some issues whereas asking AI to help you with something keeps you in control and allows you to get information you may need.

All in all, AI is an extremely helpful tool but it has the ability to be abused. If you’re having AI do your work for you, your website is most likely going to have a harder time rising up the search engine result pages. But using AI to help you deliver information in your own words can be an extremely useful tool. Always keep in mind that a lot of AI-Language models, such as Chat GPT, are pulling information from the internet and delivering it to you.using ai for seo, is it bad to use ai for seo, seo and ai

So when you copy and paste, or just change a few words, Google and other search engine algorithms are able to understand that this is duplicated content. The main thing to take away from this is that you’ve created a website for humans to use, so make sure that it caters to humans! You don’t want your website to have 1,200 landing pages with 3,000 words on each of them that explain things like a robot.

You want your website to be one that is built for users to easily maneuver through and get the information they need from it. When it comes to SEO and other digital marketing, The Gratzi, Inc has a reputation for moving its clients up on Google by doing just that.