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OG Images: An Important Part of Digital Marketing!

OG Images: An Important Part of Digital Marketing! What are OG Images? You might not know the technical term, but you have definitely seen an OG image before. It’s that image that shows when you share a link to a website on social media. An OG (Open Graph) image gives viewers a preview of what is on the page and [...]

Do You Own Your Website?

Do You Own Your Website? So you've got a beautiful new website for your business ready to go live. It was fully customizable and you made it or had someone make it for you. But was it customizable? Or did someone build a new website for you, but get hung up on limitations on what they could do? There are [...]

Iced Innovation Can Stop You In Your Tracks!

Business Owners! Have you heard of the term, “Iced Innovation?” If not, it’s a good thing you’re here! Iced Innovation is sneaky and can easily freeze its way into a business - even if sales are better than EVER!! An example of Iced innovation is the mindset that, “Our business's website is good enough as is.” It is a term [...]