Move Up On Google – Episode #2

Renting vs. Owning Your Website

Welcome back small business owners! This is Adam from The Gratzi & we’re going to talk about websites today!

The first thing that we’re going to talk about is renting a website versus owning and what do I mean by that? What does it mean to own your website? It really depends on what platform or what code it’s used to develop.

For example, if you build in WordPress or Drupal, those are open source platforms & when you build your website in those platforms your company, your small business can own that website and that code. And what does it mean to rent the website? You would be using a template service such as a WIX or Weebly or a Squarespace, GoDaddy website builder – but you do not own that code! That is rented space and it may be a viable option for you, but if you’re looking to do SEO to the fullest extent to get ranked on Google, you want to own a site versus renting one.

One big benefit is design. When you own your website you have the ability to design it any which way you want. When you’re renting a website, you’re locked into a creative box a lot of times. Another big benefit about owning your own website is that you have full control of the search engine optimization being done on-page.

Lastly, when you own your website you are not at the mercy of somebody else’s template or somebody else’s code. So if there’s a change, let’s say GoDaddy website builder makes, you don’t have to worry. Your site is yours and it’s not affected.

We’re gonna take a look at on-page optimization in the next episode. Subscribe to us on YouTube. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Appreciate it and we’ll see you next time!