Move Up On Google – Episode #4


Welcome back small business owner! We’re gonna talk about keywords.

Keywords, or keyword phrases, are words that your clients or potential clients are searching in Google or other search engines to find you. One question you might ask yourself is: Where do these keywords come from?

One thing you can do is ask friends or family what they would search in Google to find your business. You’ll find out that there’s a number of terms that you should be ranking for that you may not be!

Another option is to contact The Gratzi. We can help you find the keyword lists that your clients and potential clients are typing into Google to find you. The Gratzi uses Google’s keyword planner as well as other sources to get your keywords!

Whether you utilize The Gratzi for your keyword research or do your own research, it’s very important to make a keyword list. Make sure you go through your website and put those keywords from your list into your pages. Include those keywords in your website to rank higher on Google!

So now you might be asking: “Where do I put these keywords?”

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