Signs It’s Time for a Website Refresh

5 Signs It's Time for a Website Refresh

Deciding to update your website is a big deal and it can seem like a daunting task, but how do you know that it’s time for a refresh? What are the common things to look out for? A website serves as the digital face of your business and is a major source of leads and product sales. Here are the major signs to look out for when you are ready to take that next step:

1.) It Looks Outdated

The most obvious sign that it’s time for an updated website is when your website begins to look like it’s outdated. If it occurs to you that you have an outdated website, think of how your users must feel. If you want to have a competitive advantage over other businesses then having a fresh and regularly updated website is going to bring about just that. An outdated website has the potential to break the trust of potential customers and is going to act as a reflection of the services that your business provides. A professional and engaging website shows customers that you are a high-functioning and reliable business.

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2.) Your Website Takes Forever to Load

From a technical perspective, having an old website that doesn’t function properly or as smoothly as others can hinder your business. Page load speed is critical not only to consumers but also to Google. Customers are more likely to lose interest and return to their search results if they find a website loading slowly. Google reads and tracks pages with low page loading speed and it will directly affect your rankings in Google search results. The slower your pages load, the less likely Google is to show off your website to potential customers.

3.) It is Not Optimized for Mobile Use

Have you ever viewed your website through a mobile phone and had to zoom in on your own to view the content? Is the mobile content unreadable or displayed incorrectly? If this is the case, that is a major problem for your business. Over 60% of users view websites on their mobile devices, so you need to have a website that is responsive across all devices. This guarantees that no matter what device your website is being viewed on the user experience will be the same.

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4.) You Have A Low Engagement Rate

Google Analytics tracks the percentage of single-page visitors on your site. This is the number of users that only visited the landing page and then left the site. Instead of looking at your other pages or engaging with the site, they returned directly to their search results. There could be several reasons why they left including, not finding what they were searching for, not being interested in or engaged by the website, or that the website was loading too slowly. By having a newly designed and fresh website you can convince users to stay on the website longer, which will improve your search rankings. When you improve your search rankings, you improve your digital visibility which means more potential customers! 

5.) You Can't Update Your Own Content

Many people rely on web developers to not only create their websites but to update content when it’s necessary. This can be very difficult if you need to rely only on the web developer for every edit you want to make. The Gratzi creates all of its websites on a user-friendly CMS program that is easy to use for every one of our clients. When necessary we make edits to your website, but we also prioritize training every business on how to do it themselves. It can relieve a lot of stress when you have more control over your online home base.

The Gratzi Can Help With Your Website!

Still not sure where to start? Luckily The Gratzi Inc. is here to help! The Gratzi designs professional-looking websites that reflect your brand and improve your digital marketing efforts. Without a website that works well and is visually appealing, potential clients won’t find you on Google. We offer three different packages for website design that can skyrocket your digital presence. 

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