Move Up On Google – Episode #11

Internal Link Building

Webs interlinking things. Connecting. This episode’s about internal link building.

The main menu is not enough! You need to internal link build throughout your site. What is internal link building? How do you do that?

Internal link building is the way that you link pages together or connect them and helps your users find every page that you want them to find! Not only is it important for your users to find each page, but it helps Google crawl your site like a spider.

Why is it important that Google crawls your site and finds those pages? It gives you more rankability! One way to go about internal link building is to have contextual links. Those are links basically in the paragraphs or text of your website that link to a particular page about a particular topic. The words you choose to link to another page (very important), those linked words, are called anchor text.

If I have a page about search engine optimization on I can have search engine optimization as my anchor text and it will go to that particular page. Doing this across your sites and on every page is a good practice.

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