Move Up On Google – Episode #12

Sharing Links and Link Building

Welcome back, small business owner! Today we’re going to talk about sharing links from your website. Why is sharing links important? It’s because Google likes seeing that your website is interconnected with other websites and that helps you Move Up on Google.

Some good examples of sharing your link on other websites would be in a blog or in a forum. If you are a roofing company and you share a page about roofing on your website on another forum that is talking about roofing, yes, that’s a great link to have and Google will notice that and it will help you Move Up on Google.

One example of link sharing or link building would be to find other websites that are in the same industry or the same topic on what your webpage is about and then commenting on that forum or in that blog and having a link to your website back to you. The more links you have the better, but be careful! You need to share your site with high-quality websites. Having more links is better for you to Move Up on Google if they’re high-quality links.

A high-quality link is a link from a website that has a good domain authority, a low spam score, and is on topic with what your webpage is all about. As a small business owner, if you don’t know what domain authority is or what a spam score is, contact us!

links are important, but that’s not the only thing that SEO helps with. Another good opportunity for link sharing or link building would be through your social media.

Sharing a link from your website on Facebook brings user-verified traffic to your website, which is fantastic, but when sharing a link from your website to social media it needs to look proper and it needs to look good. We’ll talk about that in the next episode!