Move Up On Google – Episode #5

Title Tags

Alright, we’re talking about title tags today! You’ve probably seen title tags thousands of times. You just didn’t know what they were called! I’m gonna show you what a title tag is right now, and I’m gonna use Odd Job Larry, the company that’s sharing a building with us, as an example.

So, I type in “handyman Kenosha” into Google. Boom! Title tag. What’s the big deal about this title tag? It’s where you could put your services and your keywords so you can rank on Google. Another thing you can have in your title tag is your location, especially if you’re a service-based company.

Some of the areas you’re gonna see these title tags occur are on Google like we showed you, in your browser tab. Also, within the CMS of your website. CMS we will probably talk about in another episode, but content management system, i.e. WordPress. With your title tag, it’s important to have a keyword, a location, and your brand. Don’t forget your brand! That’s very important.

There are a ton of other tags that you need to include to rank highly on Google and we’ll talk about those in the next upcoming… bleh bleh bleh… So make sure that you watch the next episodes because we’re going to talk about those tags! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to us on YouTube and you’ll find out a whole lot more!