Adam Kavalauskas


Adam began work in the web industry at an early age, creating and developing websites solely for entertainment value. As the internet boom continued through the 1990’s, Adam also continued to grow with technology, exploring the vastness of what the internet had to offer. He soon learned that search engines would play a crucial part in the online world, and began to develop websites that could be found with ease when searching particular topics and terms, now known as key words. This was the very beginning of search engine optimization knowledge for Adam, and he had learned it from scratch.

While at UW-Whitewater, Adam had helped the advancement of the Warhawk athletic website within his part-time position in web development. As basic website maintenance and design help were his main duties, Adam also had higher goals for the website. He wanted more people to view the site and wanted to increase traffic, as he and many other co-workers had pride in the new site they had created. He then brought the first embedded video to the website (before YouTube was readily available, mind you) which brought several more viewers and fans to the website. It was this outside-the-box thinking that helped him continue his unique work.

A little more about Adam…

Adam then partnered with Larry Jouett, a colleague and friend that had the same ambitions and ideas to start a company that specialized in website work, primarily in search engine optimization, a basic marketing function of any website today. They both wanted to show other businesses and companies not only the importance of owning a website, but also the benefits each company could gain from a properly developed and optimized website.

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