Larry Jouett


Larry has his own list of proven accomplishments, from founding, developing, and growing small businesses to owning and managing a number of successful current companies in the area. Larry brings a professional and accomplished background to help create The Gratzi, Inc. This combination of ambition and desire to help other businesses grow is what makes The Gratzi, Inc. unique and beneficial for everyone, especially with a deep appreciation for local businesses here in Kenosha, WI.

Being involved in small businesses and companies since 1996, Larry has worked with websites since the dawn of the internet. Using the internet as a marketing tool since the mid-1990s, Larry has been ahead of the curve for several years, keeping himself educated on the newest and most effective strategies in the online marketing field. He brings experience to guide the direction of The Gratzi and its clients.

A little more about Larry…

With methods that are self-taught and with experience that has been proven to work (see our reviews page!), The Gratzi, Inc. can help your website be found in the vast and expanding world of the internet. If you are ready to start your online journey or if you need to improve an existing campaign, Larry and his team can help you create an online presence and help get your website found! We work hard on your projects not only to help your company but to bring new business through your doors. Larry won’t let you down!

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