Daniel Hatter

daniel hatter 2023

Development Manager

Daniel has been writing scripts and dabbling with code of all sorts since he was 13, when he began his career as an aspiring entrepreneur buying and selling items online. More recently, Daniel is a UW-Whitewater graduate with a background working in IT support and development, Web design and development, and professional writing.

With his experience working in IT support and his background in Web development, Daniel has the skills and tenacity to work with you to make your project come to life. Like the rest of the team, Daniel takes great pride in his work. Unlike many companies in the field, The Gratzi does things the right way the first time. We leave no messes for you or anyone else to clean up later!

A little more about Daniel…

Daniel has been with The Gratzi since 2014, and in that time he has worked closely with Adam and Larry on a number of exciting projects. One of the most rewarding feelings in our field is when it’s time to turn over the reigns of a new (or freshly optimized) website to a client. We put all our clients in a position to reap the benefits of having a viable, easily accessible Web presence. It’s why we do what we do!

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