Move Up On Google – Episode #10

Page Creation

Welcome back, small business owner! We’re going to talk about page creation coming up right now!

Page creation. Why is it important? Why do you have to grow your website? Number one reason: Google likes seeing more content! More things from your website. You got to do it! You just have to do it. You have to create more pages on your website. They are ways that you’re going to rank on Google faster with more keyword phrases, more optimization points. We already talked about this stuff!

Page creation is so important because it creates a new URL. Each page has its own link and that link has the ability to rank on Google. Then, of course, the more links you have ranking on Google, the easier it is and the easier it becomes to rank for more terms in the future.

Page creation. Page Creation. PAGE CREATION!

Page creation is so important that you want to have every page created for every service that you offer. So, if you offer six services make sure you have six pages; one for each service.

In all seriousness, page creation is very important. You gotta do it! So from here on out, once you have these pages created, now what do you do? We’ll talk about that next episode! Follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on Youtube. See you next time!