Move Up On Google – Episode #9

Headings & Consistency

Welcome back, small business owner! It’s Adam and we’re going to talk about headings and keyword placement throughout all the things we’ve talked about thus far.

A heading on your webpage is just a simple title or topic that that page is going to be about. For example, if I have a webpage about website development, my heading (my H1) will say website development. An H1 is basically just that it’s your first heading on your page & probably the most important heading of your web page. An H2, on the other hand, would just be a subheading of that main heading.

Within your H1 and H2, make sure that you have keywords related to the service or product or whatever that page is about, and make sure it’s consistent! A good example of using an H1 or an H2 or both would be our SEO page (search engine optimization). We want to have search engine optimization in the H1, but then also in the H2.

Why do we do this? Google loves looking for H1s and H2s to know what that page is all about. How does that benefit you as a small business owner? That web page starts moving up on Google for those terms that are in those H1s and H2s and now you’re getting seen on Google much easier.

To have the best results on Google you need to have consistency on each web page. By consistency, we mean having the same keyword phrases or keywords in your title, description, in your image alts and titles, as well as your H1 and H2. By doing so, Google knows exactly what that web page is all about.

Now you know the most crucial points of on-page optimization. We’re going to go into page creation next episode. Follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to us on Youtube. We’ll see you next time!