Move Up On Google – Episode #8

The Size & Quality of Images

Welcome back small business owner. We’re going to talk about images. It’s our second episode about images (see the other episode here), so it’s important. Stay tuned!

Another point of optimization for your images on your website is the size and the quality.

More than ever, people are on their phones or mobile devices like a tablet, and they’re searching your website and they want it to load FAST. So, if you have a high-res image, but it’s taking four or five seconds to load… guess what? That user is GONE.

You need to compress that image! Compressing an image could be done outside of your website through Photoshop or any other photo editor or image editor. If you have WordPress, a few plugins can do the job. For example, WP Smush, Imagify, or Short Pixel.

Not only should your images load fast, but you should have unique images. Stock photos will only get you so far! Getting unique images for your business or service would be better. Make sure that your images fit the page theme and your keywords. You don’t have a picture of cheese when you’re talking about carrots!

So far in our episodes, we’ve talked about titles, descriptions, image alts and tags, and now we’re going to talk about consistency of using keywords throughout each one, next episode. We’ll see you then! Like, follow, and subscribe to us on all of our social media platforms!